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Helene Golden

Support Staff

Kelli Kearney-Coletto

Support Staff
Telephone: (561) 395-6670 Toll Free: 800-248-8404

Julia Shore

Independent Travel Consultant

Certifications  Accredited Cruise Counselor (ACC), South Africa FUNDI specialist, Tahiti specialist, Singapore specialist

With over 25 years in the travel industry, Julia has gained a solid reputation for matching discerning clients with the best travel destinations in the world. Julia has not only traveled to, but has fully immersed herself in the language, culture and people of Germany, Croatia and Italy.

She was born in Croatia, raised in Germany and spent several years living in Italy.  Her world travel experience includes over 100 countries, many of them exotic locations in South America:  Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Columbia; Africa:  South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe; Asia:  Nepal, Bhutan, China, Myanmar and India, where she resided for 6 months.  Her tours around the globe revolve around UNESCO's World Heritage Sites, cultural immersion, food and wine.  For Julia, travel is not just a profession...it is a way of life!

Be sure to visit Julia's Blog where she shares many details about her worldwide adventures.


Meredith Torstensson

Travel Consultant

Meredith has been with Reid Travel since 1995. Having worked as Cruise Sales Manager on Sagafjord (Cunard Line) for more than 25 years, she is a World Cruise expert having completed 18 full World Cruises.  She has worked with almost everyone in the cruise industry and developed many close contacts over the years. Her specialties are luxury cruises with the 5 and 6 star ships and if there's a port she has been there.

Telephone: (561) 395-6670 Toll Free: 800-248-8404

Barbara Valeriay

Independent Travel Consultant

Certifications  Master Cruise Counselor MCC, Certified Travel Counselor CTC

Barbara Valeriay has been with Reid Travel since 1993. Starting in the airline industry in the 1970s, her distinguished career as a travel agent includes an intimate knowledge of luxury cruise lines, hotels and resorts. Barbara's familiarity and experience with myriad cruise lines and resort properties translates into a huge benefit for travelers who appreciate specific details and a wealth of first-hand information when looking for the trip of a lifetime, a family cruise or adventure travel.

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