Visit Alaska For Your Next Summer Vacation!

Date : Apr. 29 2019

ALASKA, the last frontier, a nature-lovers paradise – there is no better time than NOW to visit one of the most pristine destinations left on our planet. Why is Alaska on so many bucket lists? It is a truly unique destination that is accessible but inaccessible at the same time. For east coast travelers it will take a connection or two to get there which takes a little time. Many people today do not have enough time to visit this amazing destination so it gets pushed down the bucket list which might not be a bad thing. A magazine once said that because it takes effort and time to get there {Alaska} that it cuts down on the population of annual visitors which is why it is able to stay so pure. It makes sense but is worth the travel time! Trust us.


Something else to consider while checking your calendar is the weather, you really need to plan around the weather, sounds crazy right?? What we mean is that from late April through September is the “season” to visit and the most recommended time to enjoy and appreciate this beautiful state. You can look forward to sunny but cool temperatures! Of course there is always a chance of rain anywhere you go or an overcast day. Depending on the month you visit you could watch different phases of the wildlife; the various animals are coming out of their winter hibernation. Salmon are jumping around, bears are out looking for their next meal, eagles soaring above the trees; so many sounds and views to stimulate all your senses. There are plenty of ways to see the wildlife in their natural habitat. Whale watching and brown bear sightings by Zodiac, hikes, salmon fishing…the possibilities are endless.


There is so much to learn about Alaska and all its inhabitants. The Alaska Raptor Center in Sitka, for example, rescues and rehabilitates Raptors, birds of prey. A Sitkan couple rescued a Bald Eagle in 1980 at their home and by 1991 opened the Raptor Center which is located on 17 acres where they have some resident raptors for you to visit. Some of the injured raptors can be released back into the wild and the ones that are injured beyond repair have a new safe home at the Raptor Center. The Bald Eagle population is around 100,000 with half of the population found in Alaska. There are so many other amazing other wildlife rescues that keep Alaska’s wildlife safe.


How to see Alaska? By land or sea, privately or with a group there are so many ways to create the perfect trip to visit this amazing destination.

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